Dustin M. Bergmann


Dustin M. Bergmann is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of The Crazy Ant Media Company. 

Dustin was born in Syracuse, NY and his love for the entertainment industry began at an early age. In 1995, while attending college, he auditioned for his first role and was cast as Jasper in the short film, "My Uncle Sidney".  It was there that his career began. In addition to performing in the film, Dustin also served as Key Grip on the production crew. 

From there Dustin worked his way up, serving in several Above-The-Line and Below-The Line positions, including Key Grip, Gaffer, Associate Producer, Producer, and Director. Dustin has also worked in Journalism and Broadcast Television, as a News Producer, and Audio Engineer. Dustin studied Business Management, Accounting, and Law in college. The combination of his education and nearly 25 years of working in film & television allow him to bring a unique experience to projects both in front of and behind the camera. 

Dustin Co-hosts the Inside The Crazy Ant Farm podcast, and in his spare time indulges in his passion for politics and news. 

Social Media Handle for everything; @CrazyAntGuy1970

Logan Austin


Logan Austin is the President and Chief Operating Officer, and Co-Founder of The Crazy Ant Media Company. 


From Indianapolis, IN Logan is the definition of a creator. He spends his time keeping up with the entertainment industry and learning anything he can about his many passions which include photography,cinematography, poetry, writing, and music. In his free time he likes to watch documentaries that are based around people that made a impact on the entertainment industry. He also hosts a podcast called Fantastic Reviews where he reviews movies. television series, music, podcast, basically anything entertainment.

Social Media Handle for everything; @jaylowfantastic

Emilee Bergmann


Emilee Bergmann is the Secretary of The Crazy Ant Media Company.

 Born and raised in Mississippi, Emilee is currently a full time student planning to transfer to LSU to study Journalism. In addition to her passion for writing, she is also interested in music and photography. In the future she plans to write news articles for a major paper or magazine. 


Tavia Marinovich


Tavia Marinovich is the Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of The Crazy Ant Media Company.

Tavia is what you could consider a Jack of all trades. With experience in graphic design, social media management, photography, videography, and editing, she is our go-to girl for graphics and visuals. Aside from designing the Crazy Ant Media logo, she has helped the company with promotional logos, presentation booklets, and poster designs. But her crafts don't stop at graphics! In her words, she "just loves making things!" From baking pastries to writing screenplays, Tavia enjoys many creative outlets that bring joy to others. She also makes a mean cocktail (or latte), if you ask her nicely.